Why are trees important?

Like all plants, trees carry out photosynthesis and thus filter the air. There are even special indoor plants that improve the air in the rooms - and a tree does it outdoors in nature and literally sucks up the CO2. The more trees are planted, the more carbon dioxide can be taken from nature. Of course we also need CO2 to live, but since we are currently producing too much CO2 in the world, more trees are important to get the excess gas out of the environment in a natural and gentle way.

The increased deforestation also causes damage due to the ever-decreasing area of ​​receptive trees. And this is where we want to start and make sure that you do something good with every order you place and thus minimize your own carbon footprint.

How does planting trees work?

You choose one or more products in our shop and order your jewelry from us as usual. For tree planting, it doesn't matter what the value of the order is.

After placing your order, you will receive your order confirmation and an additional email with a link. If you click on this you can choose what kind of tree you would like to plant in a certain place. Of course you will also get a license for your very personal tree!

That's it. Now you can wait for your package with your new jewelry with a clear conscience.