The beginning

It all started with an idea and our love for sustainable and affordable jewellery. We - that's Alaa and Mustafa - wanted to bring the beautiful designs and the special quality to the German market and founded "MANORY", our jewelry shop for the special kind of jewelry, in February 2020.

Diversity is important to us

Right from the start, we attached great importance to the special and unusual designs of the pieces of jewelry and wanted to offer a variety of jewelry at a reasonable price. Our collections include necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings - everything that makes women even more beautiful. It was important to us to offer a wide range in our shop so that our customers can put together their own collection and choose their jewellery. When making a selection in our shop, we not only value colorful and high-quality variety, but also that the quality makes our customers happy.

Quality is the be-all and end-all

Exquisite materials and perfect workmanship are primarily important to us, this refers to the special look of our jewelry collections, but also to longevity and robustness. For example, it is important to us that all pieces of jewelry are waterproof so that we don't always have to take the jewelry off. It is also important to us that it does not contain any allergens, so that all our customers can wear our jewelery without hesitation. When it comes to the look of our jewelry, we make sure that we include both subtle and unusual pieces in our collections. Discreet gold-plated chains, which light up with small highlights and attract attention, can also be found in our shop as well as unusual, colorful pieces of jewelery that emphasize the style and character of the wearer. All of these precious little things show our attention to detail and are taken into account in every selection of our jewelry.

You are our motivation

The work that we put into selecting the pieces of jewelery means a lot to us and we feel more than confirmed in our actions by many thousands of loyal customers. It is important to us to make our customers happy and spoil them with high quality jewelry at very reasonable prices without compromising on quality. More than 13,000 customers have been able to convince themselves of our quality and our love of jewelry. Many of them are regular customers who regularly create their own small collection with our highlights. And these customers encourage us to keep going every day and add more great, high-quality and beautiful pieces of jewelry to our shop.